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  • OLED Lighting is Expected to Create a New Chapter for Global Lighting Market in 2017

    Though there will be no significant growth in the near term, OLED lighting is expected to grow to $2.5 billion in 2027, potentially opening a new chapter in the global lighting market.

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  • Analysis of LED lighting market of Africa

    Of OLED lighting market is actually quite rapid.More than most people's cognition. In 2015, Africa’s LED, OLED display and lighting market’s output has reached 685 million U.S. dollars. It is estimated that

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  • Analysis of Vietnam’s LED Lighting Market

    ​As the growth of global LED lighting market slowed down,LED manufacturers have engaged in emerging markets to find a new blue ocean.According to the report of latest research shows that in 2015 the LED lighting market of Vietnam

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  • Analysis of international spring lighting fair of Hong Kong

    The four-day international spring lighting fair of Hong Kong inaugurate on april 6, 2018, this exhibition attracted more than 1300 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions. Including countries along the belt and....

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  • From 2017 Lighting Fair of Hong Kong’s Autumn LED to view trend of LED lighting market‘s development

    New exhibitors, including Denmark and South Africa, whose scale are among the largest in history, International Lighting Fair of Hong Kong’s Autumn organized 78 buyers

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  • 5 Tips for LED Lighting Fixture Distributors to Survive the Fierce Market Competition

    Nowadays, competition among lighting fixture industry has been increasingly fierce. The intensity of industry reform has resulted in the situation of the strong continue being strong. In the trend of survival ...

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